What is World Water Day?

The United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution on the 22nd of December 1992 by which the 22nd of March of every year was declared World Day for Water, to be observed starting in 1993. States were invited to devote the Day to activities promoting public awareness on the conservation and development of water resources.

WWD 2021: Water means different things to different people and in 2021 the stewards of World Water Day ask us to think about what water means to us.

Today, water is under extreme threat from a growing population, increasing demands of agriculture and industry, and the worsening impacts of climate change.

Water Ray and WWD 2021: What does water mean to us? We have made taking care of water our business and are grateful everyday for the opportunities we have to increase awareness in this regard. In support of the technological solutions that we provide Water Ray always adds a training component advancing our vision for a world full of people who know how to take good care of water.

Again in isolation for World Water Day this year, we once again tuned in to the IAHR’s special event: The Fundamentals of Global Water Security – Linking Water Security to Nature. Here is the playback link: https://www.iahr.org/index/detail/90, video playbacks available.

WWD 2020: World Water Day (WWD) 2020, on 22 March, is about water and climate change – and how the two are inextricably linked.

Humans need water to survive, as do all the systems we rely on: sanitation, healthcare, education, business and industry.

Action plans to tackle climate change need to be integrated across different sectors and coordinated across borders. And they must have one thing in common: safe and sustainable water management.

Water Ray and WWD 2020: Exploring online connections this year, Water Ray tuned in to the IAHR’s special event on Hydro-environment Engineering and Adaption to Climate Change, there were over 10,700 people online! Here is the link: https://www.iahr.org/index/detail/90, video playbacks available.

On a smaller but no less important scale, Water Ray staff made a special effort to observe World Water Day while home schooling during isolation in these tough times.

Thank you!

WWD 2019: World Water Day 2019, 22nd March, was about tackling the water crisis by addressing the reasons why so many people are being left behind.

Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6 is crystal clear: water for all by 2030. By definition, this means leaving no one behind. But today, billions of people are still living without safe water – their households, schools, workplaces, farms and factories struggling to survive and thrive.

Marginalized groups – women, children, refugees, indigenous peoples, disabled people and many others – are often overlooked, and sometimes face discrimination, as they try to access and manage the safe water they need.

Water Ray and WWD 2019: On March 22nd Water Ray proudly supported UNIFIL’s Environmental Unit in asking the question “do you use water wisely?” and spreading a message of sustainable water use. Learn more here: https://www.worldwaterday.org/event/unifil-promoting-the-call-to-actions-do-you-use-water-wisely-on-the-world-water-day/

Part of the text above comes from the World Water Day website, visit it here: http://www.worldwaterday.org

Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all, learn more about SDG 6, here: https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/sdg6

And check out all of the SDGs here: https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org