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Eastern Europe – Drinking Water Units. Design and construction of three skid mounted drinking water filtration units in response to emergencies in Eastern Europe.

Italy – Inspection Services. Expert assistance for a pre-deployment inspection of mobile drinking water treatment units moving out of storage.

East Africa – Technical Support. Expert assistance for inspection, start-up and commissioning of 150m3/day WWTP serving a hospital.

Iraq – Containerised WWTP. Design and supply of a containerised wastewater treatment plant for residential workers’ camp.

Switzerland – Project Management. Support to an Italian producer and supplier of a demineralized water production plant.

Middle East – Spare Parts Sourcing & Supply. Sourcing and supply of spare parts for existing built-on-site wastewater treatment systems in the Middle East.

Serbia – Project Management and Training. Containerised drinking water system and water packing plant for emergency preparedness.

Lebanon – Training Facilitators. Training presentations and group discussions with wastewater professionals from around the world.

Sudan – Installation and Training. Installation and training on the operation and maintenance of solar powered borehole pumps.

Italy – Wastewater Treatment Technologies. Technical training on wastewater treatment technologies: dimensioning, advantages and disadvantages.